Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Every year, something seems to go wrong on Christmas day, whether it be an argument occurring or something breaking, but this year I literally have no complaints.
 We all woke up around 9am and were greeted by a ridiculous amount of presents

These are probably my favourite gift, the are absolutely gorgeous and I will wear them to death!

I was told I couldn't get these until January and then my mother surprised me with them. How beautiful.

Lovely new make-up. I'm having to use a wash bag as my make-up bag I have that much now.
Reviews on the products will be posted in the near future of course.

Christmas dinner with my family was lovely. I set out the table like I do every year.
Looking classy with the Vodka of course,  but that was just for me.

I don't actually like roast dinners that much, so I only ate half of it.
I'd rather have a sandwich or pasta, but this is a bit more traditional I guess...

Desert baked by me! I made chocolate concrete, because no one in the family really like the usual Christmas deserts. It went down well and I now think I should open my own cake shop.

The rest of the concrete (I made a lot) was used as buffet food this evening, as we had family round.

I also made Flapjacks, they don't look the best, but trust me when I say they were delicious.

Highlight of my night was getting this. It's such a simple and random present, but my little sisters boyfriend got it for me and the fact he thought about how I'm interested in fashion, so got me this was so sweet.

I spent the night with my close family, having a few drinks and just enjoying each others company.
I hope every Christmas is like this.

and I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas.
I can't wait to read through everyone elses Christmas day posts.

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