Friday, 21 December 2012

In a little English town

Yesterday, myself and three friends took a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, which for those who don't know it, is a small town South-East of Birmingham. I'd never been before, but everyone who has been said it was a lovely place and quite cute, particularly around Christmas time.
We didn't really chose the best day to go, as it rained the whole time, but we still managed to have a great day.

 We caught the train from Moor Street Station, which unlike the other two main stations in Birmingham, is old fashioned and it looks like a station you'd be able to get a train to Hogwarts from.

Also, it was really cheap to get there. Just £5.50 return. 

 Our first stop was a pub, of course. It was lunch time by the time we got there and we were all hungry, so to a Wetherspoons we went!
 On a main stretch of shops is Shakespeare's house. We didn't go in, none of us really had the money to spare, but it looked nice from the outside!

 Next, we visited the Creaky Cauldron, which is a shop dedicated to magic. There are hints at Harry Potter, which is basically why we went, all being Harry Potter nerds.

 Elixir of Life..

 ..Dragon Blood.
Would have loved to had bought these, they'd look so cute in my bedroom.
 Afterwards, we headed out to have a look around and see  where-else we could visit.  

 And so we found the Peter Rabbit shop, which also had Alice in Wonderland items, I had to force myself not to buy them.
 Stratford have an all year round Christmas shop, which I imagine would be strange to be in at the height of summer, but we went at the perfect time for it. 

 When I have my own Christmas tree it will be decorate with pink..

 and white. The decorations were all so lovely.

 As you can see, the weather didn't let up, but we still walked down to the river and saw the Swans and Geese that were around.

 Needing to get in from the rain, we headed for The Fourteas, the nicest tea shop I've visited. As the title smartly hints at, it's a forties themed tea room. Filled with teapots, vintage radios and decoration, even the menu is styled as a ration book.
(You're able to buy a replica ration book for just £1.50, I may have left there with one)

 I had tea and a scone and they were both beautiful. I'd recommend the tea shop to anyone who visits Stratford.

Afterwards, we searched for a little sweet shop to pick up some goodies for the journey home.

We ended the day back where we started, at the pub.
I had such a lovely day, it's nice getting out of the city once in a while and experiencing a new town.
Now to decide where my next visit will take me...


  1. this looks such like such a good day! i never get to use moor street but it always looks a lot nicer than new street/snow hill. i spent many a school trip in stratford seeing many a shakespeare play...his house is alright but they have that horrible bathroom floor inside - not totally authentic! glad you had a good day!

    1. I've never used moor street before, but it is so cute :') x

  2. I love Stratford upon avon, it's so pretty! x

    1. I know, don't why I hadn't been before now! x

  3. Aah, looks lovely. Nice photos!