Sunday, 9 December 2012

WIP #18: Driving home for Christmas

I spent a lot of this week doing work, as deadlines are getting ever closer. I had massive trouble sleeping and ending up not sleeping for three nights this week, but instead watching Made in Chelsea all night. Got the majority of Xmas shopping done, spending money I definitely don't have. I'm home in Birmingham now for just under a month, so glad to be back, but I know I'll be missing Southampton soon. 
1. Ignoring work, drawing instead. 2. Cups of tea are for mugs. 3. Sleepless night
4.Healthy Breakfast. 5.Cute wrapping paper. 6. FR Tickets!
7.Spending money I don't have. 8.Eating Junk. 9. Bored after another sleepless night.
 10. Ready to go Xmas shopping. 11. Snow-less Southampton. 12. Gingerbread Latte - Vile.
 13. Xmas countdown. 14. Company. 15. More junk food.
 16. Double Denim OOTD. 17. Lunch with my mother. 18. Driving home for Xmas.


  1. Oh my gosh that Hello Kitty advent calendar is so cute! :) Wish I had one!

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  3. absolutely love your mac. Would love to know where it is from! x

    Hayley xx

    1. It's from New Look :) although I got it last year, I'm sure they do macs similar still xx