Saturday, 1 December 2012

As simple as black and white

Today for my consisted of getting up in the afternoon and heading into town with my friend.
We both got ear piercings! Mine being my anti-tragus and hers being her helix. We went to Starbucks after and stupidly bought frappucinos which we drank while shivering! I bought loads of big toblerones for people for xmas and I'm currently enjoying one whilst I write. Today made me really excited for Xmas, with all the lights, the Xmas market set up along the high street and of course opening the first door on my advent calendar!
I went for a monochrome outfit today, very simple and casual but I really like it!

Shirt - eBay / Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge / Jeans - New Look / Bag - eBay
Doc Martens - Schuh / Watch - ASOS / Necklace - Forever21 / Nail Varnish - Both MUA

Is everyone else excited for Xmas? 


  1. love this outfit! i'm a sucker for black and white outfits. the nail colours are great too. and that bag is gorgeous!

    i'm following you now xx

    xo raquel.

    Field Below

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :) I adore this outfit, love the black and white combo! xx

  3. Loving the shoes! :)

    Check out our blog and maybe we can follow each other! x