Sunday, 18 November 2012

WIP #16: Run, run away

My brace broke last Sunday, so it was the perfect opportunity to go back to Birmingham; to get it fixed and see everyone! I was really homesick last weekend, so going home for a few days did me good. Had lunch with my friends and spent a night drinking with the group. Decided to stretch my ear again, even though my father will disown me and Xmas has officially started in my kitchen..thanks to me decorating it.
1. My version of a Sunday dinner 2. FR 3. First time I've drawn in ages 4. Going to Brum!
 5. Metallic Bag 6. Apple Vodka & Lemonade 7. Lunch 8. Back to Soton
 9. Train reading 10. Stretching my ear 11. False lash delivery 12. 6mm
13. Xmas sweets 14. Kitchen decoration

1 comment:

  1. that drawing is so good!, love the metallic bag too! Also i nominated you for Liebster award!xxx