Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vintage baby

By complete luck I happened to see an event on Facebook for a vintage fair happening in my town, so I immediately text my friend and arranged to go. I love looking through all the clothes from different eras, it reminds me of going through my Nan's wardrobe as a child.
You do have to do a lot of searching to find things you want, but it's worth it!

I found so many things I wanted, particularly shorts, but considering I own enough already and can buy them anywhere and everywhere, I went for items that were a bit different. The only item that I bought straight away after seeing it was the pink top, because it was only £5, the other two I went away from to see if I could find anything else I wanted more, because they were a bit more expensive, but I really couldn't. Once I'd seen them I knew they had to be mine.

Once I get a bit more money, I'm going charity shop shopping to see if I can find any other gems.

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  1. I'd love to go to a vintage fair they seem so great but i can never find any in my area:(