Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Just a very quick post about Simples Quick fix cleansing wipes.
I'm usually very lucky with my skin, the add spot appears but nothing major, however last week I had a massive break out! I went into Superdrug and literally just tried to find anything half decent that I could afford. I came across these wipes for just £2 and as I've used Simple products before I was praying these would be good as well! Turns out, they definitely are! I used them every night for about 4 days to take my make-up off and my spots have pretty much completely cleared up! So I would definitely recommend this product, whether it's to clear skin or just keep it clear.


  1. we all need a quick fix! I need some good makeup wipes so will pick up these :)
    hareem xx

  2. I saw these and was debating whether to buy them or not, i defo will be now! Thanks for the heads up! xxx