Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rock N Rose

I heard about Pixie Lott doing jewellery collection for Rock n Rose, immediately I was interested. I really liked some of the clothes in her range at Lipsy, so I was expecting good things from her jewellery.

It's a 24 piece collection, which seems to be inspired by the 60/70s era.
From cat-ear headbands to layered cross necklaces, there is something for everyone.

These are my favourite pieces from the collection. now although I love them, I couldn't even comprehend spending £55 on a flower headband, however the rings being £18/21 and the necklace £29, they're much more reasonable prices.
What do you think of the collection, will you be adding any of it to your Christmas list?


  1. I love all the items you've posted here- will definitely be checking more out in a bit!
    I particularly like the flower headbands but, like you say, £55 is so overpriced!

    Xx. Emma @

  2. love the look of the rings! but 55 quid for a head band! whatttt! x