Monday, 15 October 2012

WIP #11: With your heart like a stone

I haven't been too great with blogging this week, the fact this post is a day late proves that. Me and my boyfriend broke up last week, so I've been out a lot and trying to keep myself busy, but that means I have a fair few pictures for my 'week in pictures post'!

1. Fish-tail braid. 2. Glitter 3. Uni work isn't so bad 4. Train tickets to go home.
5. 2 for Tuesday tyvm 6. Retail therapy. 7. Important reading 8. My life consists of
9. Ring of fire 10. More drinking games. 11. So nice. 12. Before the UV party
13. Pasta makes everything better. 14.My bby 15. Starbucks with my little sister  16. Out in B'ham



  1. Love that nail varnish! And seeing Dominos and peanut butter cups i'm officially craving them! And finally aww cute dog! xxx

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  3. Hello lovely, I have nominated you for the Liebster award,
    Please enjoy! :)xx

  4. hey lovely blog, just started following! sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend :( xx