Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stoke, Shopping, Sex on the beach

1. Sunday watching Qi 2. Outfit 3. Chase  Status 4. Waiting at the train station
5. Entertainment for the journey 6. Nearly in Stoke 7. Shopping in Stoke 8. Sex on the beach
9. Pub meal 10. Disney Princess Drinks 11. Illness cure - Vodka Lemonade 12. Look so young
13. Rubbish celeb gossip magazines 14. Night out 15. Breakfast of a student 16. Beaut


  1. you are way too pretty x x x

  2. looks like you've had a good week, that burger looks delicious and you're so pretty! xx

  3. I'm loving this series of QI! Lovely pictures, I'm your new follower.