Friday, 26 October 2012

Pudsey's have a makeover

Designers have collaborated with BBC Children in Need and gave Pudsey bear a bit of a makeover. Prada to Westwood, Gucci to Burberry. Over 30 designers have used their creative skills to help raise money for the charity.

The bears are being exhibited in Selfridge's in London and Manchester until the 14th November 2012, when they will then be auctioned off, expecting to make a huge amount of money.

My favourites have to be Victoria Beckhams (7th, bottom row) and Giles Deacons (2nd, second row).
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  1. they're so cute aren't they!i don't suppose you know what date they're actually in Manchester?id love to go & have a nosey haha x

    1. 24th October until !14th November :) x