Saturday, 6 October 2012

Out of my comfort zone

I can only apologise for the messy background in these photos, there is no clear wall in my room at uni, maybe is makes them more interesting? No, okay.

This is the outfit I wore yesterday, I was meant to be going to uni, however on the way there I was told the lecture had been cancelled. Half of me was happy, the other half not so much because it meant this outfit was wasted! 

I really like the outfit, the shirt is something I wouldn't have dreamt of wearing before and I love my skater skirt!

Shirt + Belt - Primark / Skirt - Miss Selfridge / Doc Martens - Schuh(I think) / Watch - ASOS

Primark are really impressing me at the moment, in the last week I've bought six items from there. Three you can see in this post and I'll be posting about the last one soon. The last being my favourite!

What do you think of Primark, bought anything interesting there recently?


  1. I just am in the process of making a haul with my most recent Primark purchases, they have some really nice peices atm x

  2. This outfit is stunning! I adore the shirt, you have great taste :)

  3. I love the shirt! It's absolutely gorgeous, as if that came from Primark! Every time I go into my local Primark, it's awful, maybe I should get searching more! Lovely outfit!

    1. I think Primark can be quite hit and miss, just go in there often enough and you'll find some lovely stuff! x

  4. Would never have guessed that was a primark shirt, looks like river island!

  5. I can't express my love for Primark, it's amazing for cash strapped me, lol! This shirt is stunning I think I need It . . . yep need it!!

    I'm currently hosting a jewellery givaway if you fancy entering!! x

  6. I absolutely love the shirt! great look! <3