Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My new home

I've been in Southampton for just over three weeks now! It seems like so much longer if I'm honest, but I'm not homesick at all. I think I've made my bedroom my own and it feels homely.
With that, I thought I'd do a little room tour post, just because I think my room is sweet and I'm proud of it, although there are a few things I forgot to bring with me e.g belts, jewellery holder which I need to pick up when I go home.

 My desk area

 My going away present from my mother, a cupcake teapot!

 Bits n bobs: bracelets, sunglasses and my 'her' cup ♥

Toiletries in my cute glittery box and a cup of tea that's half in the photo 

Where I spend probably too much time 

Photos on my cork board and all the people I love to pieces and miss 

Jewellery on my cork board, good way of displaying necklaces

My bed, tried to make it look like a double with two pillows, just because I miss my bed back home 

A small selection of my clothes that are hung up, the rest are folded up.

Being able to start afresh in a new room has made me so excited for when I get a house and can decorate it however I want!

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  1. Cool blog. I love moving into somewhere new and just become acquainted with a whole different environment.