Friday, 19 October 2012


Glitter nail varnish is everywhere right now, so when I saw this for £1 I had to buy it. I just thought to myself that even if it isn't brilliant, it's only £1. Turns out it isn't bad at all!
Technic - Carnival

I love the look of the nail varnish, however you do need a lot of coats to get a good amount of coverage. I'd actually say dab the brush onto your nails rather than normal brush strokes, otherwise you end up wiping it all off. Despite that, I'd definitely buy it again and/or other colours of it, because for £1 you can't go far wrong. It looks good over a base colour and just adds a little something if you put it on non-painted nails.
You can pick Technic up in Bodycare.


  1. I love glitter nail varnishes, i have a few different colours. I prefer to apply a few coats until my nail has an opaque layer of glitter rather than applying it over a colour, but i love how you've done it. I may have to give it a go x

  2. Loooove glitter nail polish! Applying it over a plain colour creates such versatility.

  3. that looks amazing where did you get it from? xxx