Monday, 24 September 2012

Style inspired

Although my style inspiration tend to come more so from "normal" people for lack of a better word, e.g blogspot, lookbook and tumblr, there are "celebrities" whose style I adore and who influence my style choices.

Taylor Momsen: I think Taylor is someone you either love or hate and personally, I love her, her music and her style. She is very much what I would refer to as girly grunge and she had a major influence on my style starting a year back. I love mixing up summer dresses with doc martens and leather jackets.

Victoria Beckham: I adore this woman and I love how classy she looks. She never looks bad! Always seen in her sky high heels and ladylike outfits, she is basically how I want to look when I'm her age. I love adding a classy look to my outfits, which I why I am so obsessed with blazers at the moment.

Fearne Cotton: Her style is so eclectic, she isn't afraid to try out new styles and mix and match patterns. Sometimes things don't work, sometimes they do and look amazing. She encouraged me to be more experimental with my look and not stick to one style.

Pixie Geldof and Alicia Douvall: These two are the ultimate modern grunge/punk fashion icons. Enough said.

What do you think of their style? Who are your style icons?


  1. I love Fearne's style, she is also one of my many style icons, with Alexa Chung being my favorite!

    1. How could I forget Alexa Chung, mind you there are so many more I could have included! x