Sunday, 30 September 2012

WIP #10: Southampton, Shopping, Starbucks.

Quite a busy week this week. Started at uni for the welcome week, which meant sitting through a lot of boring talks, but lectures start properly tomorrow! Got my loan through and did a bit of shopping and I'm going to see my boyfriend on Tuesday and I'm so excited!

1. Rainy day in Southampton. 2. Early morning begin. 3. First day at uni. 4. Questioning fashion.
5. Geordie Shore. 6. Lunch. 7. Brace faces 8. Freshers Fair Junk
9. Stooshe at Uni. 10. Big Night Out 11. Tash and Glasses 12. London
13. Starbucks Rocky Road. 14. 14 Days. 15. 14 days was too long away 16. Shopping
17. More shopping 18. Tickets for Tuesday! 19. Southampton Station

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos :)

    Southampton seems to be a really cute place ;)