Sunday, 2 September 2012

WIP #6: It's the little things

Went to buy uni stuff this week, still have so much more to buy! Spent the weekend at my boyfriends as well. My new shirt was the highlight of my week though.
1. Made a lace headscarf from part of top - Creativity A*! 2. Made a collar as well 3. Glamour!
 4. My small book and mag collection 5. Beautiful new shirt 6. My mother bought me this, cute
 7. The moon and clouds were interesting 8. Made my lighter glittery 9. Made more things glittery
 10. Chinese with the boyf on Friday night 11. BORING Sunday afternoon 12. Walking the dogs.


  1. The collar is so cute!! Love your blog btw :)


  2. You're going to start uni this year, right? Good luck for you :)