Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pretty Please #8 Girly girl

This may well be my favourite pretty please list ever. I am in love with all of the items!
1. Baby Pink Leather Satchel - Zatchels 2. Accost Pin Stud Boots - Topshop 3. Loverdose by Diesel 
4. Miso Cropped Blouse - Republic 5. Miso Stone Flower Bracelet - Republic 6. Blazer - H&M

These are now all bookmarked on my laptop just waiting to be purchased! I will always love pastel pink, it's such a lovely feminine colour, so no surprises that 3/6 of the items are pink.
1. I was looking at satchels in Selfridges not long back and I want one so much!
2. I've never been interested in boots of this style before, but the thought of wearing them throughout Autumn with think black tights made me decide I actually need them.
3. I love the smell and I love the bottle design.
4. The blouse is really cute and would look lovely with high-waisted shorts.
5. I love bracelets, they're the only jewellery I wear regularly and this flower bracelet would go great with my watch.
6. As mentions in a previous post, I love blazers and I need this one!