Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Top Knot Tutorial

Thought I'd make a quick blog post, because I've started using a hair donut in my hair to make my top knot.  I used to back-comb my hair when it was in a pony tail and wrap my hair, but I hated doing it because of the damage back combing does. I then realised I could just use a donut and luckily there was one randomly in my house. It's a blonde donut but my hair completely covers it so it's fine!

Using a donut is so easy! There are loads of videos on youtube explaining how to do so.
I put my hair in a high pony tail. Covered the donut and with my hair  and secured it with a bobble. Wrapped the rest of my hair around the bun and pinned with grips. Simple!

It is slightly messy as I prefer a messy up do, but for nights out and such I'd make my hair look much more sleek and perfected.

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