Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tell me about it, Stud

So, I got a bit bored today and decided to have look through my wardrobe for something I could customize. I found this denim jacket, which I bought a few years ago from New Look.
I haven't wore it in ages, because it's a summery jacket, but if it's warm I tend not to wear a jacket. I decided to cut the sleeves off as I think sleeveless denim jackets look so cute with summer dresses and skirts. I then got carried away and added studs to the collar and along the shoulder. I love the whole studded trend, I've always liked adding studs to clothes as they give them a grunge/punk look.

What do you think? Would you customize your own clothes?


  1. what a wicked DIY. i love the finished product!
    oh and im always customizing my clothes! x

  2. AMAZING! I used to always customise my own clothes but not anymore! xxx

  3. Love this! I love to rework my old wardrobe as well. Feel free to browse through some of my DIY projects :)