Friday, 17 August 2012

Pretty Please #7 Strong riffs and heavy drumming

I'm sad because I was meant to be at V festival this weekend, but due to dreadful migraines I haven't been able to go, therefore I've spent my day watching Sex and the City and browsing online.
I'm really liking the whole 'grunge' trend, I wouldn't actually call these clothes grunge at all, but I like them all the same.

1. This Black vets is from River Island and I live the pattern, it's just something a bit different from an average black vest top.

2. I've wanted a dip hem skirt for so long now and this one from New Look is lovely and available in three other colours.

3. It's not something I'd usually like, but this top from River Island caught my eye and I think it would look great with skinny jeans.

4. I'm still yet to find a new blazer, this one from New Look however might be the one. 

5. I love these acid wash jeans from Topshop and they will be perfect in the Autumn.

6. Again, thinking on Autumn/Winter this hat from Topshop looked really cut, I love the colour fade

7. I'm not one for jumpers, but seeing this actually made me want it to be winter (it may as well be with the rubbish weather in the UK) so I can be warm and cosy in this Topshop 

8. I don't have a black bag at the moment after my old one broke, I saw this on Boohoo and I really liked the stud detailing.

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