Sunday, 19 August 2012

Roll with it.

I've had a really good week! Kyle got back off holiday, I passed my  A-levels, spent time with my sister, shopped and ate a lot of chocolate. Only downside was my migraines stopping me from being at V-Festival, but I made the best of a bad situation and had a half decent weekend.

1. My kitty looking fierce 2. Treated myself to some make-up  3. Love these necklaces
4. Painted in my sisters room part I 5. MUA Nude nail varnish - Recommend! 6. Plagued by illness
7. Johnny Cash = Legend. 8. UCAS. Uni place confirmed 9. My father being enthusiastic about it.
10. Had a greedy week in regards to my eating. 11. Rubbish weather 12. In dire need of a haircut
13. Favourite purchase of the week 14. Greedy week continues 15. Painted in my sisters room part II

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