Sunday, 26 August 2012

WIP #5: Oh, let's get old fashioned

Again, had quite a decent week. I've been to the gym twice, spent the weekend with my boyfriend, and went to Nandos with my friends. Little bit of info for you all; I can't even hack the lemon and herb sauce. I'm that much of a wimp! 

1. Designing a tattoo, my boyfriend said he'll pay for it as my xmas present, I'm also drawing one up for him atm.  2. Well done cards from my boyfriends family 3. Decided to change my hairstyle
 4. My sister signed up to it, now I get it. 5. Smallest Haribos ever. 6. On the way to Nandos
 7. Photos from Southampton Solent 8.  My beautiful dog 9. Prison break marathon has begun
10. The nicest scones ever 11. Cute tea and teapot 12. Drinking resulting in stupid photos.


  1. prison break is the best thing ever

    1. It's brilliant, it's so intense it stresses me out to watch x

  2. your hair looks so cute in the third picture!
    oh and i've never had nandos.. but im such a wimp that i cant eat anything spicy! x

  3. I can't hack Nando's either, definitely a plain girl :p Where are you thinking of having your tattoo, it looks really pretty (:

    Sian x