Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mix it up, take a chance.

The weather is half decent today and I wanted to take advantage of that, despite me not actually going out until this evening. I went for simple outfit, but I think I love it and what to wear this everyday.
I went a bit camera crazy today...sorry!

The crop top is my sisters and I've been planning on borrowing it since she got it, it's from New Look and it's kids size age 11! My boohoo shorts of course! New Look cross necklace, which I adore. My boyfriends checked shirt, which is from Topman and my lovely Doc Martens.
I feel kind of fifties/grunge today, so it's a very strange combination. My hair was up in a topknot, but I didn't like how it went today, so I look it down and shoved it up in a clip. I like the messy look of it.

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