Sunday, 5 August 2012

WIP #3: I see the black fade to grey

I've had a really good week considering I haven't actually done that much. Me and my boyfriend got back together on Sunday and I've had a few things going on, nothing big though.

1. My incense holder from Wales, I adore it and I have cinnamon incense sticks!
Free gift of Missguided nail varnish. Review Here
My cat Mazi being cute and hiding from the sun. 4. My sisters dog Archie being adorable
5. Barry M and Rimmel nail varnish. 6. Late night hilarity that only me and Kyle understand.
7. Took my sister for her first Starbucks, they spelt my name wrong. 8. Greed!
9. A day shopping with Kyle and his dad, wasn't as fun as I had hoped.
10. Models Own Lilac Dream. 11. My new love

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