Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to how things used to be

I went for lunch with my boyfriend to a local tea shop on Saturday, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. I can't get over how cute it all is and it makes me want to move to the country and serve tea in teapots and bake cakes for the rest of my life.

Little trips to places like these make me so happy, even if we did have to run through the rain to get there! The scones were to die for and it's a nice little lunch that isn't too expensive. I think for two meals, tea and scones it was just under £15

From what you can see of my outfit, I'm wearing a Republic Slogan Vest, a Topshop chunky purple chain necklace and my Primark blazer.


  1. That's so cute, the food looks amazing!

  2. Nice photos! And you're totally rocking that outfit :)

    - Gia (