Friday, 24 August 2012

A leopard never changes its spots

Has anyone else been completely bored today? The weather has been rubbish, it's cold and raining and I actually resorted to playing cards with my mother and sister! I guess it's a good job I put very little effort into my outfit today.

only just noticed the ladder in my tights, damn.

My shorts are my biggest love right now, I bought them from boohoo a month or two ago and I have completely worn them to death! The belt came with a Primark dress I bought, it's so flimsy and rubbish, but it added a pop of colour, so why not? The leopard print top is from H&M and it's so easy to throw on with anything, although it isn't the most flattering top, it's fine to lounge around the house in. Finally, my Converse. Everyone seems to be wearing them these days to the point it is kind of irritating, but I will always love mine, these are my second pair, after my first got covered in paint :(

Has anyone been lucky enough to have an interesting day, unlike me?


  1. my day's been just as dull, only i haven't looked this good throughout it.
    you're so gorgeous!
    i literally got in and put my pj pants on and i'm slobbing around the house.
    me and my brother are both sat on the sofa being antisocial with our laptop.
    i adore the shorts, i would love a pair like this. were they pricey?
    they remind me of a pair topshop did a while ago and i was so gutted i missed out on them.
    speak soon,
    laura xx

    1. Awh, thank you :)
      My shorts were only £15, so I'd definitely recommend boohoo for shorts like these! xx