Saturday, 21 July 2012

Such a pretty little thing

I said I wasn't going to blog this week, due to personal reasons, but I couldn't help myself!
I'm going camping for a week tomorrow though, so I definitely won't be posting next week.

 So today in England the weather was actually decent, the ran has finally stopped!
 Apparently 18 degrees, which is the best it's been in months. Because of this, I decided to dress a bit summery, but not too much. I hate seeing people in a tiny amount of clothing just because the sun is out, it doesn't mean it's actually that warm, plus I don't really want to see 12 year olds in skimpy clothing, nor old men with their tops off!.

I'm wearing the playsuit I bought from Primark last year, it hasn't been warn since last summer and I felt like it was a waste if I didn't wear it today. I paired it with some black tights and a black blazer, as there is a bit of a chill in the air.

As you can see, it's light blue with a dark blue and orange floral pattern and three buttons down the centre. I worn Barry M peach melba nail varnish with this.

I'm giving my hair a rest from extensions and straightening for the time being, so I'm wearing my hair in a top not for the foreseeable future, but I think it's cute and gives a more professional, smart look.

I think an orange blazer would look great with this and I really want to get a coloured one, rather than always wearing my black one.

Any suggestions for where I should shop to get one of good quality that isn't too expensive?

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  1. they have some nice blazers in Forever21 under £25 :-) x x x