Sunday, 29 July 2012

Peace, Love and Polish

I never used to bother using the free gifts in magazines after face wipes from one left me with dreadful skin, but after I was desperate for mascara and ended up using a free sample which turned out to be brilliant, I had no hesitation about using this nail varnish.

I've shopped at Missguided a few times and have always found the clothes to be of good quality. When clothing brands try make up, I'm always a little bit sceptical, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Missguided!

 Cute packaging.

 Bright colour.

 After one coat.
After two coats.

I found this product so easy to apply and it dried so quickly! The colour in the last picture doesn't quite do the colour justice, the orange is much brighter, like in the second picture.

Available online are currently five colours at £5 each.
I'm currently devoted to Barry M and Models Own, but after using this, I'm tempted to purchase another colour of theirs. I'm going to wait to see how long it lasts though, as I'm still yet to find a nail varnish that doesn't chip after less than a day.

Have you used any Missguided nail varnishes? What did you think of them? How long did they last?

*Edit: After less than a day, chipping occurred. I do however think it is mainly down to the condition of my nails, as my sister also tried out this varnish and hers lasted longer than mine. 

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