Tuesday, 3 July 2012

No one seemed to notice seeing from smoke screen eyes

This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when me and my friends visited a tea shop not far from where we live. It was really cute, there were proper little tea pots and tea leaf strainers and the most beautiful cupcakes ever.
Anyway, the weather that day was quite warm, so I couldn't deal with jeans and opted for a skirt instead.
When I got this skirt I was thrilled but have only been able to wear it a few times, I keep waiting for my next opportunity! It's from H&M and I teamed it with a Ramones T-shirt which I bought of eBay over a year ago, along with my Doc Martens. The outfit had a kind of punky, yet girly look to it, which I love.
I find it difficult to be dresses totally girly, hence why I wear my Docs with pretty floral dresses all the time, yet I don't like feeling too grungy, so I try to add a girly aspect to my outfit. I think that sums up my style as a whole. Girly grunge.


  1. "Girly grunge" indeed haha ;) the lace seriously adds a dynamic to the outfit and I like your DM's! Are they the matte ones?


  2. Thanks, yeah they are! I find the matte are more wearable than patent x