Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Make Vodka the first drink of the day

This was outfit for when my boyfriend and I went for a meal yesterday. It was just a casual meal before the cinema, although going to the cinema never ended up happening, so we bought a pick'n'mix and went back home.
The top was one he had brought me for my birthday, two months ago and I hadn't got round to wearing it until yesterday. It's a cream blouse with leopard print collar from Republic, which I wore with my New Look black skinny jeans, blazer and floral scarf. It seems I was on a bit of a New Look hype yesterday. 
Due to the weather in Britain being dreadful, it wasn't the best outfit choice for when it's raining, dolly shoes had puddles in them and my jeans stuck to my legs, but I at least liked how the outfit looked!

The only problem I have with skinny jeans is them actually staying up!
Does anyone else have that problem, where they fit fine on your legs, but they fall as you walk? Or is it just my lack of a bottom that causes that?

p.s. Vodka actually was my first drink of the day.

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