Saturday, 28 July 2012

I want to go to the seaside

I've spent the last week camping in North Wales, in Shell Island, which is one of the largest camping sites in Europe at 450 Acres. I went there with four of my friends, with myself and Kyle getting the train, while the other three went down the car. That had to be done considering the amount of luggage that's needed for camping, there was no room in the car for us!

This is Shell Island Beach, the weather doesn't look amazing, but it was sunny enough that I got a tan!

 This is a waterfall not far from the camp site, I was too scared to climb up, so Kyle took my camera and got this picture. 

 The view one night from our tents.

 Drinking on the beach ends with sand filled beer bottles.

 This picture is just fab.

Slightly overpriced, but the chips were pretty nice.

 Playing air hockey - I lost 4-6

 Barmouth Beach

The rocky beach.

 BBQ food on the rocky beach

 Skittles Vodka

 I'm not sure why I did this, but I did.


 Llanbedr Train Station, which is pretty much a bus shelter.

 Doritos and Salsa on the train home.

In Llanbedr

My tips for camping would be:
Take a lot of food! It's expensive to buy one you're there.
Make sure you have fire wood, that is also expensive.
Lights/Torches/Lanterns are a must! Our lanterns broke and we ended up with just two small torches, between five of us, it wasn't fun.
Keep the campsite clean, it's annoying having to dedicate an hour to cleaning it up.

Clothing-wise, I'd suggest taking shorts and a lot of tights, so you can vary them depending on the weather and they don't take up much room in your case/bag
A hoody, joggers and socks for when it's cold at night.
Dolly shoes for the beach, trainers like converse for the campsite as it gets damp over night.
Dry hair shampoo and face moisturiser!


  1. i went to shell island about six years ago! had a really good time, this post brings back a lot of good memories! llanbedr train station is amazing, i love how some of the trains don't even fit on the station! look like you had a good time :)

    1. I don't think it can be classed as a train station considering the size of it, haha x

  2. the BBQ food looks so nice x x x

  3. Looks like an amazing holiday, such lovely pictures! The waterfall and Barmouth beach look great. I've not ventured to North Wales yet...been living in South Wales for a year now!xxx

    1. I'd definitely recommend going up there, providing you get nice weather, it's beautiful :) xx