Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sex, Studs, Rock n Roll.

 I am in love with the new studded trend that is about right now. I've loved studs since I bought my first studded belt at the age of about 13, so having the shops filled with clothes covered in studs is wonderful!

This is my most recent purchase. It's a jumper from Topshop, which I got for about £7 off eBay.
A dark green colour with gold pyramid studs. It would usually be perfect for the British weather, but  of course, as soon as I get a jumper, the sun comes out, not that I'm really complaining about the gorgeous weather.

Studding clothes is so simple. meaning there isn't any need to go out and buy brand new clothes that are expensive just because they're covered in studs. If you have an item you love but want to add a bit of detail and bring it into trend, just add some studs. I've done in myself!

I've had this denim shirt for a couple of years and haven't wore it in a while, but I think just a little bit of collar detailing gives it a whole new lease of life!

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