Monday, 2 April 2012

Make Up Academy

As far as I am aware, MUA is a relatively new make-up brand. I first noticed them about a year ago, in Superdrug, Birmingham. The first thing I noticed about them was the price of their products. Everything was being sold for £1, which I thought was just an introductory price that would soon rise once the brand had gained more popularity, but after a year has gone by, their products are as cheap as ever!
The first thing I bought was MUA Lipstick in shade 4 (light pink lipstick pictured below) and I've bought it ever since, I literally haven't been without it for a year. It isn't the best quality make up, which I assume would be obvious due to the low price, there are of course better lipsticks available, however for a cash-strapped student like myself, it is perfect. I have purchased Lipstick Shades: 4, 13, 12 and 3, as well as bronzer shade 3.

The colours of the lipstick last for approximately 6 hours, which is fine, it's not hard to reapply lipstick is it? The bronzer is just an average bronzer; make sure you get the right shade to match your skin tone accordingly. I myself has made the mistake of buying one too dark and ending up looking like an idiot, but shade 3 works well with my skin to create the look of defined cheekbones. 
Bronzer: Shade 3, Lipstick shade: 4 and 3

Shade 3(left), Shade 4(right)

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