Friday, 17 February 2012

''Hello pretty ladies''

''Hello pretty ladies'' is literally the only thing that was said by Spanish guys to the girls during the trip to Barcelona. I went as part of a school trip, there was a group of ten students, with two teachers. We visited galleries, the beach, the hard rock cafe, and tourist attractions like churches and such.  It was great trip in my opinion and I think everyone who went would agree with me. 

I'd never actually been on a plane before this week, due it always holidaying in Ireland, I've always just caught the ferry over. I was pretty scared, especially as I'm scared of heights, but I actually quite enjoyed the flights there and back.

Due to it being an art trip, we were looking at Architecture as well as the art in the galleries, and Barcelona has some beautiful buildings, these are some of my favourites. The second was designed by Antoni Gaudi

We spend all of our nights in a travel bar, drinking cocktails and just having a laugh. Myself and my friend Ciara just happened to try and make these cocktails look like Bee's. I'm not sure why.

The first beach I've been to abroad! It was gorgeous. We didn't spend a massive amount of time here, due to having other things to do, but we were able to sit on the beach and take photos from about half an hour.

For us British folk, the weather over there was amazing for February. It varied between about 13 - 18 degrees throughout the week, which is like summer for us! The locals were all wrapped up in coats and scarves, then we were there walking around in shorts and little jackets.

Just a random photo with Ciara. Everyone was talking photos of each other, so we are putting them all on facebook and exchanging them. 

I didn't spend too much over there, so I came back with a decent amount of money, but I did buy a few things to bring back. A bottle of Strawberry Vodka, just because it was only €14. 200 cigarettes, which were €41, two bracelets which were €2 each from the market, as well as owl earrings and then I bought 6 packs on Mentos in the duty free and I've managed to eat them all in a few hours.

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