Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Join the doll cult

I don't think anyone understands how exicted I was when I saw this on my desk when I got home today. I ordered it at the start of December as a Christmas present from my mother to myself and due to it being from America, I took it's time getting here, which is to be expected. I was starting to think it would never turn up though.

I've wanted this top for so long now, as soon as I saw it on NikkiLipstick and I knew I had to have it one day! The top is available in black and white, cropped or uncropped. I bought the white, because I'm always in dark clothing, so thought I'd be a bit of a daredevil with a white top! I also bought it as cropped, but that's just because I forgot to change the listing to uncropped, ah well. It's still long enough to cover me when I'm wearing my high-waisted shorts, which I practically live in, so all is fine.

I may have got a bit excited and took too many pictures...

I'm definitely more interested in finding clothes online now, rather than wearing typical high-street clothes. My three favourite purchases lately have been from online sellers! x

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