Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day.

As cliche as it sounds, I really did have the best Christmas day I've ever had. Usually there is a bit of stress, or I'm really tired from getting up to early, but this year was totally different.
I think as you get older, you get less enthusiastic about Christmas, so the first thing that was different about this year was that my mother actually had to wake up myself, my brother and sister, which was at 9am, a bit different to the usual 7am starts.

Every year, my mother gets us all a little stocking, filled of just little things that we actually need and a few other things. My mother is amazing with this, I always need this sort of thing. She bought me two  Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse's, which will last me ages, Collection 2000 concealer and Maybelline Gel Liner and Mascara. I haven't tried gel liner yet, as I've always been a liquid eyeliner girl and that is what I'm used to, but I'll try out the gel and probably post what I think of it and other beauty products I got in another post.  I got a lot of Skin System products; cleanser, toner,  face wipes and hand cream. some chocolate and the lovely Cat & Kittens Calendar, which is ridiculously cute!
Excuse the terrible picture, but my camera was my main present, although I was more excited for the other things I had got. I'm not big on photography, so I just wanted a simple digital camera to use for when I'm out with friends and such, particularly because we are all going away to University in September, so I want to get a lot of pictures before that.
My presents were just typical to be honest, there was clothes; a dress, shirt, cardigan and boobtube, slippers, Pj's, Earrings, Scarf and gloves, nail varnish etc. I do love the earrings from imyourpresent  on etsy. I already want some more in a different colour!

If I'm honest, my family aren't big on Christmas, my dad thinks it's a waste of time! I tried to make the table look as Christmassy as I could and I think I did alright. Christmas this year was the first time my older sister wasn't there, as she was spending Xmas in her own house and to be honest, it was a lot less stressful that usual. Dinner was nice, despite my dad not being impressed with the burping competition which followed.

After dinner, I went to my boyfriends and we exchanged presents. I got him a t-shirt, chinos, a ticket for Skrillex, chocolate, a wallet, a mug and some love hearts. You can see what he bought me, I knew about all of it, but the shorts. I'd mentioned seeing them and loving them and he remembered and went and bought them for me! Have to say, my Johnny Cash top might just be my favourite!

Even his family had bought me things. I got tights from his mother, because she always noticed that I have laddered tights, aha! A milk tray from him Grandma and a Boots gift card from his nan and granddad. They are beyond lovely!

I have had the most lovely Christmas and I hope everyone else has too! xo

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