Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shop, shop, shopping.

I haven't bought that much lately, due to a complete lack of money, however I have found some bargains here and there, thank god! 
I found this shirt on the last day of the sale at Republic. It was only £10. It is a size twelve, which is two sizes bigger than I usually wear, but I couldn't resist. It's a cropped checked shirt and I have a massive love for checked shirts. 

This is my favourite! I picked it up and wasn't that keen, I only tried it on because it was £10. Even after trying it on, I wasn't in love with it at all. Got to the till and it turned out to be only £5, was overly happy. I wore it one day to my boyfriends and it has now become my favourite item of clothing I own!

Have to admit, I didn't actually buy these. My mother went shopping and came back with them for me. I've been in need of a new black vest top for ages  and I have two white strappy tops, so never needed a white vest, but I'm very happy I have them now. 

Safe to say, my mother knows me well. Lace tights have been a love of mine for about two years now, they can make an outfit so much better than if you wore plain tights, they make it more interesting and give you a whole new look.

I found this in New Look on sale for £2, complete bargain, it is so cute. I've wore it a few times with an assortment of other necklaces.

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  1. Wow, love the checked shirt and the tights! Lucky you (: